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Booster Juice

Everything about the international Booster Juice franchise, from their menu to their store interiors, reflects an attitude of energy and fun, and this extends to their radio advertising, too. Just like a visit to Booster Juice promises a refreshing alternative to your typical fast-food dining experience, their ads give the listener a break from a monotonous soundscape, serving up fun in 30-second bursts!


Booberry Script

Gift Card Script

Mean Mocha Script

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Capital Health

A health board PSA can be a pretty dry, serious, "just the facts" affair. But it doesn't have to be. Created for Capital Health’s mumps vaccination awareness campaign, this script speaks to the audience they're trying to engage in language that actually evokes a response. Capital Health loved it, as did their counterparts in other provincial health regions, who requested this script be repurposed for their campaigns.



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Family Productions – Ink Festival

An event celebrating tattoo culture demanded an ad with an out-there vibe. The result has a creepy-cool carnival feel to it that sounded unlike anything else on the air.



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Rohit Communities

This homebuilder was not looking to push any particular development, but rather emphasize the aspirational aspect of home ownership and present Rohit as your ideal choice for making your dream home a reality. The fairy-tale theme captures that universal appeal.


Magic Mirror Script

Prince Charming Script

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Like many charitable organizations, the service Edmonton’s Youth Emergency Shelter Society provides in the community is important and vital, and deserves top-notch messaging. This script is evocative without being preachy, presenting the seriousness of the issues they face with an undercurrent of hope.



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